How to give to Germans more Holy Roman Identity

Give it a card that allows to ally with one German European Royal House.

Instead of free population units, they would need housing, and OP techs like Marriage Politics wouldn’t be able to be researched.




I think all Europeans should get a shipment from their royal houses.

I would find very interesting a mixed shipment in age III.


French (house of bourbon) send 10 royal musketeers + 4 royal dragoons (cost 500 food/500 wood) “2000 res value” age III.

And an infinite shipment in age IV for those who don’t have.

In the case of the Germans, who are the main protagonists, I think they should obtain several shipments, or an alliance in the native embassy as you mention. And consolidate as a faction of mercenaries and European natives.


Perhaps they could have some special merc cards from these houses, since the civ already have the mercenaries strat


What would Portuguese and Spanish get? Habsburg units?
And what about Italians?


think the Portuguese could get units from Habsburg and Wettin (although these would coincide more with the British). And cannoneers of course.

The Spanish could get units from Habsburg and Bourbon. And conquerors of course.

The Italians already have several shipments.

New shipments of mercs could also be obtained

Which is why we need more Royal Houses.

Below is a link to my proposal for brand new Royal Houses:

Talking about conqs, I think they should be mercs or outlaws, not the Jesuit unit

I don’t see a problem that they don’t cost population, since the Germans need an infinite native for the treaty.

No population cost make them be able to train for example Line Infantry as a main unit for the civ.

OFC giving a musk to Germans could be controversial, but I dont see much an issue if it’s locked to an Age III card, building an embassy and then you have uncarded musks (it shouldnt much competitive, but very flavourful)

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