How to increase xp generation as Mexican?

Context is treaty game Mexican going to revolt Yucatan then Mayan, tons of card on all 3 stage. In treaty mode with map like patagonia (safe 3 trading post per team), how do you think is the fastest way to get xp for shipment?

Currently I’m trying 60+ settler on food hacienda and spam insurgentes endlessly just to get the xp and send them on suicide run from 6 barrack (60 insurgente per wave or 420xp per 4200 food without seven laws card). Is there a faster way?

well that’s kinda the catch as the game advances shipments get more expensive (i believe the limit is 2500 xp per shipment) so you shouldn’t get all the cards only the most important ones for the rev leather soldiers, advanced arsenal and liberation march of course you could try get all the shipments that would improve the rev but costing your economy and your opponents getting stronger so the balance depends on each game.

well pikis arent super late game units, soldado/chianco/salteador are more for this

anyways early on getting 2 churches for essentially 2 in base TPs is probably the best way to increase xp. mexico gets xp on age ups as well plus the church tech.

Do a TP start and build a church early, building haciendas also provides a ton of xp.

There is a specific way to farm XP in treaty. Its not fair by any means and can be considered a form of cheating…But what it is. You have to find out yourself and play in team games with the right people.