How to join the AOE III: DE Balance team?

Hi Devs. I was wondering if there is any way to join the balancing team or at least be a part of those who give ideas about the unit/cards/civilizations stats. The treaty community is really suffering in terms of balancing and really needs a representative. I would like to apply for it as I have a lot of experience in treaty games and the whole treaty community know me. Would be great if I can get an update on this.


Just post reasonable ideas on the forum?
Many forum suggestions get implemented, I know some of mine have.


Problem with suggesting balance changes in the forum is that you are never hearing any feedback from devs. You never know if they like it or not.

Let’s say you suggested a really good change, you get tons of “likes”. People generally agree with you. But still this change is no being added in the next patches and you get frustrated.

I understand that developers wants to have relatively small group of experts who give their opinion about balance changes. But still, other users from forum should have at least small feedback from balance team regarding their proposals. Of course not every suggestion deserves to be commented - some of them are really stupid.

But if there is a balance topic (especially recurring one) with general agreement among users that it is a good one - balanced team should make a short feedback about it. Maybe show some statistic to prove that this is good/bad idea. Maybe information that particiular change is being considered or will be added later.

Regarding @Erchere request - joining this mysterious balance group should also be possible. New experienced player in the team could have fresh look and propose a good solutions for some issues. It is just healthy approach to admit new experts to the balance team from time to time.


Lack of feedback is indeed a problem but I think this is also “our” fault. If we ever catch a dev on a balance discussion, everybody will just flood the place. Just imagine a dev responding to the gazzilion “nerf japan” threads.

I don’t think this is their approach. I really do feel like this dev team is listening to forum feedback. They are very quiet about it, but they are listening.

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Yeah, this is of course true :smile:
But on the other hand devs eventually nerfed Japan. So before they did, they could give us a hint like “We are currently trying to figure out the best way to nerf Japan”.

Don’t you think it would calm down the community? At least we would know the nerf will come someday.