How to keep ally AI alive?

Playing hardest on fast speed 3 v 3 Arabia map against all AI after recent update. I play flank. I can hold my own even if enemy flank and pocket attack me, while I always tell my pocket to help the flank AI (Pocket never helps me or I send them away). Flank AI gets destroyed 9/10 times and I have to resign since I can’t handle 3 v2 after. What gives?

PS: I don’t really sling because I don’t know what AI needs - and I usually don’t have spare resources anyways.

Can’t really offer much insight into this situation, since there’s not much about it that seems like it should lend itself to that kind of result more than 50% of the time, assuming player skill ≥ the AIs. Do you play more on the defensive side? I haven’t played vs. AI in a while, but it seems like being very aggressive makes you more of a priority for them (not to mention being able to knock one out of the game faster). Something about the AI behavior may have changed since then. There could be other factors at play, such as the AI flanks repeatedly having civ matchups that favor the other team, although this is statistically improbable (not impossible) over a large number of matches.


I’m not a huge fan of fast speed personally, as there’s not a lot of wiggle room in terms of micro, and I tend to find my eco can get unbalanced fairly easily in late game. In terms of human vs. AI matchups, it seems like a handicap to the human player, whereas the AIs will be able to manage their armies and eco more or less optimally regardless of speed.

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This is due to the recent AI update though as I can easily handle 3v3 extreme AI on fast speed back maybe 6 months ago (in fact, i had to do 3 vs 4 hard AI in order to have any challenge back then). The fast speed is because I usually don’t have time to play and it speeds up the game. Yes, it gives me a micro disadvantage since I don’t have as good APM as the AI, but that shouldn’t be a problem for the ally AI.

As you said, it should be 50-50 chance of a ‘2 v 2’ AI going at each other. The problem seems like it is an uneven 2 v 2 AI match for some reason when a human player is added to a 3 v 3 match (since I neutralize the other flank AI 1 v 1). The only reason i can think of is that the flank AI that is matched against me flings resources to other 2 AI which makes the match uneven.

All I want is for the AI to be able to hold its own so that I can finish a game. Any suggestions on particularly strong flank civs for AIs so that i don’t run into this problem?