How to 'Limit' buildings since Feb 23 update

Content Editor - Does anyone have a clue how to ‘Limit’ the amount of buildings someone can build since the Feb’23 update?

I know it was possible pre the update, as I was using the Siege mod which limited Town Centres to just the capital. I have tried pretty much every single way that has been shared online, and many of my own tinkering ideas, with no avail.

I’m thinking of doing something like limiting Castles/Keeps to 10-12, and Town Centres to just 1 or 2.

Hopefully someone knows…

if you want to limit AI building
See it in AI_economy/default_eco/production_groups/max_current
but maybe not working if you forgot checking members

Thanks. I’ll have a look & see what happens.

With the Siege mod, Town Centres are not available in the build menu. I’ve been trying to replicate that - hopefully with what you have suggested means that I can.

Unfortunately for Town Centers the AI_economy string only deals with the NOMAD format… though I found a work-around so that villagers aren’t able to build Town Centers, and that’s under the SBPS attribute:


Right-click on the Town Center and Remove Item.

I did this with each faction and the Core. Villagers are no longer able to build them in game.

This is very simple. You can see how Chinese villages, granaries and pagodas are set up.