How to make a king of the hill/capture the flag map

I’m trying to make a scenario like the second map in the Ivaylo campaign, in which there’s a wonder you need to capture and hold or else the enemy will capture it instead. I have therefore looked at the triggers in this scenario and tried do mimic them. However, I can’t even make my unit capture the building. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?


triggers in general require a lot of trial and error, patience, and some kind of programming experience can also help just for the problem solving skills.

by capture building you mean change ownership? try that effect on another object to test to make sure u got the player inputs right, it took me a few times to figure it out.

I actually managed to do a pretty good capture point/camp system! if you want I can show you or stream it to you over steam/discord. Friend me on steam: Juny Foo