How to make an actually good trailer that hypes people

So , I think that is a great conclusion but I do want to add more points.

Why they don’t put a nice ■■■ track like they used in 2017 trailer? Or made a big and detailed city with a big ■■■ battle without cuts or some history , just the game presented like in X019 , your game is dying just because your marketing team just doesn’t know how to hype the game now!

They created a beautiful trailer for 2017: Age of Empires IV Announce Trailer - YouTube

They created a beautiful city and people liked it in 2019 : Age of Empires 4 - Official Gameplay Trailer | X019 - YouTube

Or create an actually good trailer to hype people to tune into an event for fans , like in April : Age of Empires: Fan Preview - Tune In Trailer - YouTube , THIS TRAILER HAVE GOOD HYPE ■■■ MUSIC!

But instead they had published a trailer for gamescom that actually doesn’t make more than 45 seconds OF REAL GAMEPLAY! the rest of the trailer are HISTORY CLIPS OR THE BOOK! : Age of Empires IV - Official Gamescom Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

And you may say , nah but in fan preview they messed up with graphics , sorry but that is not the reason to make a bad trailer, see it for yourself in this trailer : Age of Empires IV: Delhi Sultanate Civilization Reveal - YouTube, IT HAVES GOOD MUSIC THAT HYPES YOU.

Think whatever that you guys want , but a thing is for sure , I played the game and it’s a shame you guys are letting such a game into the trash.

Sorry if this thread maybe hurts someone , I actually just trying to help the marketing team , every comment on this topic will help the marketing team I guess (if they actually read This)


Doing something like this:

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I definitely think you have a lot of valid points here. The marketing has room too improve in terms of their trailers without a doubt.


Thanks man! :slight_smile:

20 characters…

loool. Open beta test!!

they may very well show the different aspects of the game in different trailers. the gamescom one was to dispaly the history affection shown in the game, not only in campaigns, and it actually hooked me. But gameplay trailers with good and real gameplay should have come first.

anyways with an open beta stress test now, with no NDA, anyone will be able to play or see for themselves if the game is great or not- thats done right at least

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Be cool if they let the top players dish it out in a 4v4 and put that as the trailier

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20 characters ahahahahh