How to make Feitoria more useful?

Hello everyone.

After the last update, the generating efficiency of the Feitoria got a big buff from 48F, 48W, 27G and 15S per minute to 96F, 60W, 42G and 18S per minute. I know that it has a special value in the late game since it offers the stone. However, it is still hard to be used in a closely intense game because of its 250G, 250S and 20 populations cost in my opinion, doesn’t it?

How about adjusting its cost? Similar to the factory in AOE3, if we make the feitoria take no population but set a limit that it can be constructed up to 1, I think it would be more useful even without the last generating buff. Also, the generating efficiency and the construction limit could be adjusted for the balance.

BTW, I have hoped the trade workshop could be back to the normal games as an available building. Maybe it would be a low-efficient feitoria that could only generates 21 gold per minute and be half as the later. Well, it is hard to be true.

Take away Feitoria from Portuguese and give them real eco bonus.
Instead make Wonder to do resource tickle instead. For all civs.


The Trade Workshop idea is interesting. Deppending on how its balanced it could change considerably how you approach late game fights. Maybe it could allow turks to survive late game 1on1s even with their garbage trash units (lol)? This change can be huge though, I’m not sure consensus can be achieved about it. And i agree with the idea for it to only generate gold, to keep the stone generation portuguese only (so Feitoria is still somewhat special). Oh and of course it still have to be inferior to normal trade, otherwise it would only make trade useless in team games.

As for Feitoria, i feel like it requires a little too much stone to be built, but maybe thats required to be balanced? As for your idea of having a max number of Feitorias built, i really dont know how to feel about it. It’s good in a way because then its possibile to make it not require population and still be balanced, it all deppends on how many can be built and on the resources generated. On the other hand, that somewhat requires a new “game mechanic” right, since on Imperial you usually can have as many buildings of a given type you can afford. Maybe your idea is worthy trying. I do admit i’m not a fan of its original design.

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Yes. Since there are always full of only hussars, halberdiers and skirmishers in the every late 1v1, I think it makes the game boring. Except for Feitoria and the trade workshop, I have an idea that afforestation can be introduced that villagers could “build” 5*5 woods for make the wood have a chance to avoid running out.

Yes without a doubt. 1 relic can generate 30 gold (40 for Aztec) per minute now, it is more than 1 trade workshop.
Btw, I think the silk road of Italians should also share its effect to the allies too. Let the allies’ trade units, markets, Feitoria and maybe trade workshops be halved the cost.

For the current meta, I think it should cost 300 wood and 200 gold maybe.
The cost now is too high to wait it payback in a fit time.

The Feitoria is fine the way it is. In fact, it might even be OP now. In Diplomacy games the Feitoria is broken OP. The Feitoria something that should not be made in huge numbers at least not early. Since your gold and stone should be used for something else.

This game is not just 1v1 Arabia on a tiny map.

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So when I’m playing a 2k pop diplomacy custom map as portuguese, I’m capped at 1 feitoria…? But I can build any other building in the game as many times as I want, I can spam wonders, castles, tcs, anything. But not feitoria.


Keep feitoria as it is. The cool thing about aoe has been that theres never been any stupid build limits. Buildlimits are ugly and stupid. Annoying.


It costs stone cause it produces stone. Feitorias purpose is not to help you in a short game that meta favors, but in long dragged out games. That’s its purpose. It’s effect is for the post-imperial age. That’s why you can build it only at the start of imperial age and not before, cause obviously it takes time to get its value back, the effect takes place at post-imperial age as it’s meant to be.

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I respect your opinion but I have to say that I don’t think so.
Feitoria cost 250G and 250S, mean that it needs at least 14 minutes per building for payback. In the other hand, villagers can pay back under 1 minute and trade carts can pay back in only 1 trip. Even if 100 stone costs over 300 gold at the market in the late game, going trading then buying stone is more efficient than generating stone by Feitoria, no mention there is still 20 populations to trade, work or fight. In 1v1 game, the value of Feitoria is already controversial, and it is impractical for me that use Feitoria in the team game.

It seems that you never play AOE3, right? It is the another good game for me.

In the late game, the stones will become more and more precious and the cost of 250S will become increasingly difficult to bear. Maybe it can bring benefits as time goes by, but most of the time after construction will be a loss. There are really rare to see Feitoria in most of Portuguese games. Even if there are the Feitoria, it is still nothing to do with the victory usually, since people know that it may be not worth it in the most occasions of the intense closely-matched game.

If Viper didn’t pay so many gold and stone for Feitoria, his fatal fast-imperial Portuguese gunpowder troops could be trained earlier and crushed the enemy earlier.

I have and I don’t like it. :S

I’m still thinking that feitoria’s purpose is not to be part of every game, instead it’s meant to be the gamemaker for the dragged out games. That’s the only way I see it. Otherwise, it would be op or pointless. If you want it to be like a normal eco boost of other civs, then why not just give them a normal eco boost and remove feitoria completely? But I don’t like that idea at all, I want it to stay. I feel portuguese are a post-imperial civ and that’s the point they should shine in, if they make it there. For example huns are a civ that is pretty crappy in Post-Imperial, especially on water maps, which is balanced by the fact that they are strong earlier.


Preach it brutha! Mmm-hmm!

Simple and rough. It could be an answer but not a good one for me.
I agree that Portuguese should be a post-imperial civ and the purpose of my suggestion about Feitoria is also for this target. I had stated that the generating efficiency and the construction limit could be adjusted for the balance, right? If most people like you dislike the build limit, it still can be unlimited but it would need the another requirement for keeping balance, for example, becoming 50% more expensive while having 1 more Feitoria or trade workshop.

Anyway, the most problem of the Feitoria now is the 20-population cost. It make the Feitoria might still not be worthy even 14 minutes later after construction.

The feitoria is a nightmare to balance, I consider it a gimmick that should be limited as a scenario building.

I’ve actually not studied the numbers when the point is, but I can deduce the math behind it. It starts “making money” after it has paid for its price and paid the time lost while paying for it. This means if the game drags for many many hours, it’s really powerful after the moneymaking begins. Obviously, most ranked games don’t last for hours, but I don’t think feitoria is meant to be something that has to be essentially useful in the ranked side of the game and if not, should be scrapped. Not at all. And it does have it’s place there too, on island maps for example, where even wood is low. Portuguese are a naval civ after all, they should be good on water maps, not so good on pure land maps. This is also why I like the fact that you can’t just play only 1 map on the ladder, cause diversity in maps also forces other than arabia strong civs to also shine.

Even in late game trash wars the feitoria is often suboptimal as long as their is plenty of wood (arena, bf)

For every feitoria your enemy can use a like 10 vils to gather more wood and food and invest the remaining 10 pop into extra skirmishers.

The weight of the higher trash count will overwhelm any advanateg the Portuguese get from having some gold, and selling wood is also avaialbe for the enemy to get some siege.

Only the stone is good because it allows to get bombard towers to at least turtle and survive. Pushing is often impossible for both players, but the Portuguese is mostly on the defensive.

Only when wood runs out the feitoria turns into a civ win without any skill required. So the play is to turtle for hours until this happens.

Many have found this to be lame and I think to prevent this from happening too often the Portuguese civ has been left very mediocre and generally underwhelming

no paladin, no hussar
no FU halbs, no FU champs,
no siege ram, no siege onager, no heavy scorpion,
no heavy cav archer.
They have FU arabelest and skirmisher without any combat bonus.
They have HC and BBC with ballistics, HC are rather niche and BBC a utility unit that can’t be the bulk of your army.

Their gold bonus gives Portuguese a cheaper army but they lose most battles in a 200 Pop situation in imp because their bulk army is generally weak (no combat bonuses) and therefor not pop efficient.

Organ guns are good castle age snowball but in post imp they are countered easily by onager, siege rams or mass meele cav. Their price tag is too high to replace the frequent loses in imperial age and its better to just get trash + BBC.

Perfectly fine by me, they are a post-imperial civ, supposed to be strongest civ at post-imperial. That’s why it’s also ok to be bad earlier in the game. Some civs gets their civ victory earlier or on specific maps.

arquebus BBC are actually something you can use as a power unit in your comp, ability to snipe moving cavalry is huge, they don’t need most of the units you mentioned. Organ guns, halbs and BBC is all they need. Onagers and rams get wrecked by ballistic BBC and halbs deny the melee cavalry to get any closer to the your organ guns. The only thing I wish is Organ guns performing better against skirmishers because they take too long to kill them right now and the halb support is denied fast


You are right, that’s the best combo for Portuguese and it doesn’t work well against mass skirmishers.

Organ guns extra bullets need to do more damage when missing the main target to increase their aoe potential. Or the main bullets needs a bit of aoe.

Yeah and first they’ll need to fix it back into working order anyway after that change on it’s class. x]

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