How to make priests worthwhile

It’s a common consensus that priests are generally not worth the investment outside of rare and specific situations.

But how could they be made better?

(note: I am aware that no improvement is likely to happen, but it’s fun to speculate)

Suggestions in no particular order:

  1. If a priest converts a unit, it reduces the pop limit of the converted player by 1 until the converted unit is killed
  2. Add the ability to “bless” a set of own/friendly units, giving those units, having been ‘blessed’, extra hit/damage bonuses until they die in battle.
  3. Alternative to 2, if you select a priest with a set of other units, the units gain similar bonuses whilst the priest is still alive and selected with them.
  4. If you convert a production building, you gain the ability to produce exactly what that building could produce for the targeted enemy e.g. a Persian priest coverts a Hittite archery range, that building can now produce chariot archers for the Persian until it is destroyed.

Any other ideas?

i think making them cheaper/produced faster would be better 11

I agree, but I’m looking for fun and useful

I find them useful in campaigns. In those missions where the enemy is much stronger than you right from the beginning, you get yourself a couple of priests and you can build yourself a decent army by stealing enemy units.

In the last campaign I played (I think it was the Rise of Rome campaign, mission 3) I built myself an army of stolen Cartheginian elephants and elephant archers. I think I had around 35-40 of them eventually, then sent them on a wrecking spree haha.

i only converted 2 Units in the whole campaign: archimedes and cesar ( at least 3-4 times), kinda tend to get him converted every few mins 19

Press enter. Type “hoyohoyo”. Press enter. For added bonus, do this before upgrading them.

Priests are great for countering expensive or powerful units. They’re also good for situations with no army production buildings, or if resources are low to build certain units.

The thing to consider is that good use of priests is already quite powerful. Perhaps upgrading could cost less?

The extra effects idea is fun, though we don’t really have anything like that currently. It may also have to be an area effect, as you generally don’t select a priest and 20 military units to attack one thing.

The building idea would be most viable. And something for enemy to consider :slight_smile: Though you could take advantage of this during team games… I used to go over population by converting my allies units, and then they made more units. Imagine if your ally could give Egypt full siege and legions?

I’d just like to see more wololo action. I play 3v3/4v4 exclusively and I rarely see them used, although I did slap down 15 conversions in a game yesterday defending my Sumerian wonder, and Sumer priests aint all that :wink:

In 2v2v2v2 games I’ll play Egyptian priests - they counter big units really well, the 16 range is phenomenal and really turns the tide in defensive fights. Also incredibly powerful vs transport ships in low pop games where you can hold 5-10 units hostage

Taking away some or all conversion bonuses from Chariot units could work. As this would make Priest more useful and Chariot units less useful.

Priests are really strong in DM as they are used to counter Catapults & Elephants.