How to navigate the map

Recently, I watch the video of Viper and other youtubers. They can move around the maps very quickly. Besides arrow keys and moving the mouse to the edge, what keys can be used to navigate the maps more quickly?

Hi @AbuzzJam4677680, You can assign hotkey control groups to units and buildings. If you look in hotkey settings there are many more available options.

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You can also click in the mini map to change your map view. And even drag over it.

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You can also hold the right-mouse button down and drag your mouse in a direction (i.e., you don’t have to go all the way to edge of map to scroll it)

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Use Go To X Building shortcuts and also Go To Last Notification


Oh yeah, middle-mouse button for me goes to last notification. Very handy

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Thank you guys. These are really useful guide for newbies.