How to play against India? (1v1 supremacy)

Hello there,

Most of my games against India in 1v1 are an easy win for India player. I’d like to ask you for some advice how to play against them.

Let’s say I’m playing France. India is building aggressive Agra Fort mid map and starting to create units there. What is a correct play to have a chance to win a game here?

Destroying Agra Fort seems impossible because of high HP and a lot of Sepoys + Gurkhas around. Rush doesn’t seem to be good strategy.

On the other hand if the games last longer, I will run out of resources nearby and India scales better than France in long-term. Outbooming India seems not possible too.

So, what is a correct play? Semi-FF and push Agra with Musk + 2 Falcs before India ages up?


If you want to take it down then yeah the semi-ff is going to probably be the best option though personally I dont know if you need falcs to push it, though there are probably better players who can answer that.

The non semi FF option is just a large counter mass, probably some sort of cav + musk or skirm comp , try to win a pitch battle and then just ignore the agra and go directly to their base. Once their army is down the agra is just a fancy tower that your units have to path around

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Usually you just need to trade effectively while defending until shipments/units from crates slow down and they slow down faster now due to ###### higher xp penalty. Age with a tower, Town militia can help, get vill upgrades for cdb perhaps even pioneers in deck. France have 1 of the easier times defending due to the strong cdb.

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