How to play celts?

Anyone got any easy tips or vids on how to play celts? they seem pretty bottom of the barrel until late castle/imperial?

I will assume it’s for arabia. I used to abuse celts in the old aoc days and they were pretty useful back then.

They’re pretty good for men at arms rush and then to switch into archers. They have the wood gathering bonus and faster moving militia since dark age. Both are super useful for a smooth m@a / archers rush.

Drush into fc xbows is good for the same reasons but you need a wallable map and not expossed resources (let’s say back gold for example).

In castle age you can still maintain xbows and add a fwd siege workshop and do a mangonel rush. Adding pikemen helps if yo are against a strong knight civ.

Woad riders are a strong unit for imperial age. Halbs+siege is a good choice against cav civs like huns or magiars.

Celts are better in wallable maps or in BF. Not so good for arena because they can be easily counterable with monk civs with full monk rush or with monks+fi. Turks and spanish are also good vs celts in arena because of jannisaries and conqs. They can destroy pikemen and siege in castle age.

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thanks, yeah its not map specific. i just wanna use them more often (mega random, gold rush etc)

yeah definitely doable in more confined maps like BF, with their siege weapons, ill have a look at rushign with them, im so used to booming or scout rush, the infantry rush will be something different

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