How to play mods/scenarios?


I have Microsoft Store version of AOE2: DE. How to play some of the mods you can download/install/subscribe to from the mods menu on the main page?

For example, I went and subscribed to this mod/scenario -->

But after I see it says installed, all I see is you can open the folder where the mod is installed to but seems like it’s in a different folder than where mods should be in and even then the mods menu box where I believe you can choose mods are empty.

Maybe some of those mods are steam version only and that’s fine. Sorry if this should be easy, but I would like a tutorial on how to get the custom mods playable.

Thank you

Hello @mc0134! the “A Journey to the West” mod is a campaign mod.
To download it correctly and play it please follow these in-game steps:

  1. Press in "MODS"

  2. Press the second tab to "Browse Mods"

  3. Enter the name of the mod or the name of the author of the said mod

  4. Select the mod you are looking for and press the button to “Subscribe” (second option on the bottom). This button will change to “Downloading”

  5. Once the download and the whole process is done: You can enjoy your new mod!

    (These steps will be the same for any other mod you could want to download)

  6. To enter to the campaign mod you just dowloaded press the “Return to Main Menu” button

  7. On the Main Menu press the “Campaigns” button

  8. Press the “Custom Campaigns” button

  9. On the “Custom Campaigns” feature click on the drop menu and select the campaign you want to play

  10. Select the AI difficulty, press on the text on the paper and… Enjoy!

PS: If you ever want to disable them or “Unsuscribe” because you don’t really want to keep them you just need to go to the “Installed Mods” tab and you can uncheck them to disable (you can do it one by one or you can Disable All with the button).

PS2: If my reply helped you: you can select my answer as solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck!

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I did the same thing you’re saying (in the Steam version) and the mod simply never appears as a custom campaign. Also: if I choose the option to open the mod folder nothing happens.

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My Custom Campaigns button is greyed out so I can’t even click it. I have subscribed to the Interative Build Order mod but can’t access it due to this. Any ideas how I might do it?