How to practice with Friends?

I’d like to know if there is a setup that allows for me and friends to play without affecting stats (ELO, experience points, etc)? My bro and I play a lot but now we have some friends and my wife who want to play and learn but aren’t ready yet for general online play. So we’d like to play with them but in a setting that doesn’t affect stats. I thought sandbox mode would do so, but last time I tried, one of us quit and we got exp for it. Thanks.

If you just play custom games together it won’t have an effect on your 1 vs 1 — 4 vs 4 QM ELO, only your custom games ELO.

The XP earned between games vs AI isn’t hurting their rank for QM to my knowledge.

Custom is all we do, so it’s the ELO I was concerned about. We don’t do QM as we aren’t fans of certain maps and such.