How to profit

  1. exclude family shared accounts from ranked games
  2. make activation by phone number mandatory for ranked games
  3. extrapolate the rating of a player by it’s winrate to another rating matching his skill, used for matchmaking
  4. make sure that the points given out are conserved in total after a match is evaluated
  5. reset the rating points for all players
  6. sort each player from 200 to 2400 rating, so that the previous leaderboard position is maintained and the average rating is 1000.
  7. tweak the benchmark so that is has a meaning and the yellow clock won’t appear so often
  8. don’t make people play on maps or settings they can’t play/don’t like
  9. profit
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While I agree on a lot of these points. I don’t know if the Devs either have the time or money to do it.

Nevermind the mandate. ie these might be non issues to them…

And finally it will upset a lot of stubborn people that like things being left the way they are regardless of how much better they could be

No matter how many, few, or which map you put in the ranked pool there’s going to be someone who either can’t play it or doesn’t like it. Sure we can say ‘everyone likes arabia and can play arabia’ but that’s just a statement arbitrarily excluding people who actually can’t and don’t, just like ‘no one likes or can play arabia’ is a statement arbitrarily excluding people who actually can and do.

There’s a difference between forcing the majority of players who like Arabia and semi open maps to play black forest or islands… and forcing some minority case water player to play a semi open map

Edit: example

This shall not be a debate about map preferences and minorities choosing certain maps.

Some people would just prefer to stay longer in the queue, or not play at all, instead of beeing forced to certain maps/settings.
I play all settings and maps, but I respect their play style.

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Imo unfortunately it will always be a factor because there has to be a map pool. If there’s no pool and unlimited map options the queue becomes exponential.

Thus preferences play into determining the pool options

Indeed, there’s a difference between ‘majority’ and ‘people’ as well unless the speaker intends for there not to be which is not necessarily self-evident unfortunately…

Most of the ideas are just improve the rating system behind the matching, which is already discussed in other threads, like this one:

I really hate these sites or games that requires you to give them your phone number. So this suggestion is really terrible.


I also really hate services who require your phone numbers.
But it’s a known way to remedy the rank boosting and cheating.

Your thread is unreadable by the way, because the information is spread around 1000 replies or so.

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If is just for ranked game it would be in theory a good implementation imo

Can’t wait to have to do an ID/passport check to launch my steam. Truly a marvelous future!

I know. Even is MS/Steam have your telephone number anyway, it makes sense for privacy reasons to not give it to them a second time.

This is definitly controversial.
But on the other hand ranked is broken.

Some players would still use fake passport/phone number to smurf !

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