How to remove assigned groups?

I have binded a unit group to #1 (ctrl+1), and then ended up binding the same group to #2… Is there any way of removing these bindings so I can better manage my units? Haven’t found how to unassign groups.


I have the same problem. In the hotkeys menu, it shows as ‘Not assigned’ but I can’t asign any key to remove groups.

Ok, just got it! Thanks for reminding me that there is a hotkeys menu :slight_smile:

For example: to remove a specific group assignment, let’s say from number 4. Just press ctrl+4, same way you did when you were binding a selection to #4, but you have to do this when you don’t have any units selected.

Then the group assignment is removed

So that would remove the entire control group? What if you only want to remove one unit from that control group? There seems to be no simple way. You also can’t add units which are not together to an existing control group it seems? For example in AOE2 you could have ctrl group 1 on one side of the map and then go and select units at the opposite side of the map and add them to it as well. In this game you need to bring the units together it seems :confused:

To remove a control group: Press Ctrl+[Number] without having anything selected.

Hold down shift and click either on a unit in the field or in the unit selection menu UI to remove the unit. Then press Ctrl+[number] again to save your change.
(In the unit panel UI you can use shift to add/remove or Ctrl to remove every unit except the selected unit, so if you select a group and want to split off the rams click on them in the unit selection UI panel while holding Ctrl)

Select the group and add additional units while holding shift either by clicking on units or selection boxes. Then save the group.


You are a genius! This is all correct I just tested. Thanks.

I found one more way to deselect units (all of one type) of an army. With the group number selected, you can shift + Lclick the unit type to deselect it (in the army menu at the bottom of the screen). Then perform the ctrl + # to set the remaining units.

One thing I was hoping the game would have but it doesn’t is the ability to select an army and shift + click/drag to deselect units…you have to do it one unit at a time. This is something that should have been rectified several games before!