How to replace the model of stone wall tower?

Where is the relevant path?

Good question, I have been trying to swtich models on infantry for ages and tried so many different ways and nothing ever quite works.

At the moment the best I can tell is that each sides unit/building has some sort of connection to the “core” version as well.

Let me know if you find out more.

At the moment, there is no way to change the models that are in the game.
It is possible to create a tuning pack and change the icons of each upgrades or units but not the model themselves like I mentioned.

sorry about that.

After my attempt, at least the model of the unit can be changed by adjusting the package. Of course, it is actually replaced by the existing model in the game.

However, there are several problems in this. You must know that the mounts and shields of cavalry and the arrow bags of long-range units can’t be replaced, and the action is fixed, which means that the replacement weapons should be carried out between the same types as far as possible. For example, you can’t use the short weapon of sword for the imperial palace guard, otherwise the action will be very strange, and the rider can’t use the sword, otherwise his hand will be directly held on the blade.

At the same time, the replacement of siege weapons with different methods will lead to the problem of model dislocation. I hope that in the subsequent updates, we can be more free to match only these contents and create more infinite possibilities.

As far as aoe4 is concerned, it is still unable to import external models. It can only exchange some simple models through the resources in the editor. Moreover, elements such as action, mount, shield and arrow bag seem to be locked with the model itself. Only the main weapon can be replaced (only replacing the model does not change the actual data). You can pay attention to my mod: “restore ethical model”.

Hopefully in a future release of the essence editor there will be a possibility for importing external models. This would allow a lot of interesting mods and would be very important for the long time success of AOE4.