How to restore to 27374 version

Hello folks,

I used to have the AoE 1 DE build 27374 and later updated it to the latest version “build 35199”.
Uninstalled the build 27374 (cause there was two installed in PC, to relase memory storage on SDD)

However, when I join the Lobby Browser, there is no room available to play. It seems most of the players didnt updated to the latest version yet. Its so frustrating because I can´t play in multiplayer mode as I like to.

Any guide on how to downgrade or restore, re-install the 27374 version?

I really appreciate on this.


Hi @TioPica, If you look in the Microsoft Store Library for your Microsoft Account there will be Age of Empires: Definitive Edition with greyed out cover art. That is for the old Microsoft Store client of the game and you can install it from there. A few changes that the developers made to the game for the crossplay with Steam client were not received well by the DM community and therefore most of them still play on the old client.


Thank you!
I’m gonna try it.

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