How to select Militar Units alone when having enabled the option to select Villagers?

In Age Of Empires II you can select militar units with Alt but here ini AOE4 that is not possible, I have enabled the option to select only Villagers but is VERY ANNOYING when you try to select only militar units under attack and you can’t because there are villagers near and in that frenetic moment you need to select all with shift and send both villagers and militar units to attack the enemy. Maybe that important option is available and I am not aware of it, how do you do that guys?


Is ctrl-shift-c select all military what your looking for

Think theres another one for whats on the screen, have a look at the hot keys

Thank you, do you know if there is something similar but with box selection?

I tried ctrl-shift-c but it selects all military units in the map, even the ones I am not looking, it seems the option to select the military units in the screen is not available

ctrl-a is to pick all units that are on the screen your looking at

neither select all military or idle military working. any fix about it? These are so important hotkeys

Try without Mods, it is a known issue that with some mods, select all military key is not working, not sure for idle military but with the game with the default options, all is working properly

Thank you, but that also selects villagers, villagers seems to be considered as Unit even sheeps, is there a way to select only visible military Units?

Thank you! Both hotkeys are working fine without Mods. Also working with custom profile set.
I was using Permanent Bodies mod