How to show part of the tech tree in the main game interface?

Using the standard UI as an example:

and say I have researched double-bit axe, but not gold mining. is it possible to mod the UI (not the data) so it shows it? like this?

or this?

the first version is from the tech tree, the second version is from the in-game lumbercamp/mining camp tech icons.

Doesn’t it shows this information already in the new tech tree preview?

I think that needs a lot of work personally. For a start, I would add a setting, so now you can choose if you want it to group techs by what they effect, for example, siege engineers is in the siege units section, or if you want to sort by the actual building associated with each tech, so SE is now in the university section. The civ thing needs to change to the player color when hovered over. I only usually play as green, but it seems that this is the only color, regardless of player color, and I can’t be bothered confirming this. Next, you now need it so that the stages researched show as a really bright and vibrant color, while the stages not yet researched are a much duller and faded version of the same color. Basically, it not researched color becomes that of the current researched one, and the new researched one becomes a really bright version. Then you remove those ugly and useless X’s for techs you don’t have, and replace the box with a box that is almost black, but not quite. Then it will start looking a lot better.