Hey its XARDAS here (DIA III on 2 accounts) who did this strat like 100x times and had to face it multiple times.

How to deffend?

  1. Scout

  2. Are u ENG? = problem solved

  3. Are u Chinese? = problem solved since its mirror

  4. Are u Delhi or HRE? = make ± 10 horseman/maa (which is possible between 8-9 min mark) + 3 or 4 prelates/scholars and just rush all the outposts or BBQ itself. You are gonna kill it without a single loss since all the dmg is going to be insta healed.

  5. Are u Mongol? If u let opponent to do this against you when u play Mongol you should be angry JUST and ONLY to yourself

  6. Are u Abbasid? - Well its worst scenario for you + specially on map like Altai where its strong strategy - few archers into fast ram might be viable - just take care about it and if it takes dmg repair it ASAP

Oh yes u are welcome I just gave you a better advice than any streamer ever did since I am probably most experienced player from entire server with this strat.

  1. Have a nice day cya (should be step 11. but whatever)

  2. additional tip (spending like 15 wood on MOST CRUCIAL place when u 100% dont want BBQ to be build - between 2 close woodlines or between gold+wood for example) slightly before enemy vills come - and u know they are about to come cause u are smart and when u see that enemy is Chinese u might expect this strat to come is REALLY 5HEAD move) + u see enemy vills incoming cause u are scouting properly right?

  3. counter towers dont work

  4. pulling villagers if there is more than 7 vills doesnt work (+ smarter players are gonna make supportive 90% completed outpost slightly behind if u would like to pull / in case you wont u can cancel it ehm ehm - sorry for pro tip for BBQ rushers themself)


Here is easier tip that works on any civ.

Do nothing. Let them build stupid BBQ and just go feudal get archery range and kill any villager that tries to build new towers. Some civs can have slightly more advanced strategies but this one can be executed by any civ with ez

Here is an example:
Twitch (Demuslim vs barbican rush)
even if the opponent completes the barbican they should lose a lot of villagers and thats the game right there.


Yeah u see? Demu could spend 10 wood to prevent that BBQ to be builded up at first … and Hao was stupid to not make outpost first close behind bbq - got punished becaus of that … Problem is that sometimes a lot of your vills are further away to be pulled in time … DEMU reaction was fast tho which saved him in the end …

Making outpost behind BBQ first will result same thing and fact that he invest lot more to just get the BBQ up.

Even if the BBQ went up with the tower backing it up demuslim would have relocated his workers to different tree line resulting the BBQ and tower doing absolutely nothing