How to stop Italians?

Played as Turks. Ally is Berber.

For the opposing team Italian player was allied with a Teuton player.

It all went to well when I defeated the Teuton player until I was badly beaten by Italian.

Italian player countered my Janissaries, Camels, and Hussars with his Genoese XBowmen and Condottieri.

Is there any way to stop late imperial Italians as a gunpowder/cavalry heavy civ?

Not really. Other civs can try trash siege ram (although that dies to condos as well) but turks have no answer to italians late game. I guess next time kill the italian player first with aggressive approach in castle age and deal with teuton player later (that matchup is pretty good for turks).

What about HCA+Hussar+BBC?

Genoese hussar bbc rekts that super hard. Even champions do better here as a gold unit.

jannissaries are super fine here since they have high enough dps to kill the condottieri before they reach them (jannissaries deal 0 bonus damage so condos gunpowdder resistance does nothing here), and have more range than Geno Xbows that suck against anithing ############ you can alway use hussar or, if you have gold, champions even better, as a meatshield in front to stop condottieri while jannissaries kill them, and then beating xbows is a piece of cake.

also, you had an ally, so you could have 2 vs 1 the deathball


I think the problem was that the Italian was fully boomed against 2 underdevelopped civs.

Otherwise the berber can go cavalry + skirms + bbc and the turc can go jannissaries + hussars + bbc. With trade on your side the Italian cannot last forever. The Berber can also use onagers or scorpions with SE if the italian has mostly geonese xbows. (italians lack SE)

Italians are not that good against cavalry, as their main anti cavalry is the UU, whose production is limited by castle and are countered by skirms and bbc.
Turcs hussars are not that horrible either, as they do not cost gold.
Cavaliers in general are not cost efficient against geonese xbows, but they are pop efficient and cost less than twice the price. Even without accounting for the berber discount, even both of you going full cavalier should beat anything the italian throws at you assuming all 3 of you have similar eco.

But as a turc in a 1v1 against italians, I think I would go full trebs + janissaries + hussars and pray. This is not a really good matchup.

yes if the problem is Genoese Crossbowmen, go Skirmishers or Onagers. Turks can go BBC

I’m not sure, I’ve never been in that situation
I would go for Janissaries and Champions with some Onagers on the back, the Skirmisher can be useful as a meat shield

Depends a bit on the map.

On rather closed maps, just BBT+BBC and some hussar to fill supply should be very hard to deal with for Italians.
On more open maps, you can go Janissary/Hussar/BBC and your ally can supply skirms.

Depending on the size of the genbow ball, you can also just go champion+bbc.

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