How to update and bad multiplayer AI fix/workaround?


I have two questions:

  1. We are currently still on the pre-steam-cross-play game version 27343 (or sth like this). This is because we have no clue how to update the game (microsoft store is horrible mess). The ingame notification says we should update the game at microsofrt store, but there is no update and the game page only allows “install” which is downloading the whole 18 GB again, so we simply did not update yet.
    So are we really forced to download the whole game again, just to update it to newest version?

  2. The reason why we would update at all, is the hope that the AI multiplayer bug was finally fixed?! But when looking at the bug reports all over the internet, it seems this very old bug was still not fixed? In singleplayer the AI is challenging, while in multiplayer it is very very poor, guess because it simply does not build enough villagers and therefore has no ecomomy (regardless of per/ai files).
    Will this ever get fixed?!

Assuming the main reason for poor AI is that they don’t make enough economy:
Is there a way (for example in ai or per AI files) to cheat the AI some resources, for example every minute 100 of each? Of course this would be no solutiuon, but at least a workaround and doable by ourself and no need to wait for the devs… Is this possible? (it may be easy possible in scenarios, but I still would like to play random maps)

3) Is there any way for an official complaint at microsoft, that I want them to transfer my bought game over to steam? I just installed the new version (downloaded whole 18GB again…) and now nothing works, this stupid xbox live and other bulls’hit won’t let me play multiplayer. I will figure out how to solve this, but I just hate microsoft/xbox live, it is the biggest mess I have ever seen and I want my game on steam instead, without paying for it again!

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Easier way - Buy on steam

To upgrade to crossover version from MicrosoftStore, first make sure your Windows 10 is upgraded to the lastest version, check Windows update.
It will show in Microsoft store and yes you will need to install the full game again, like if it was a diferent game.

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