How to use Arambai?

Hi all,

I’ve been playing as the Burmese recently and just can’t figure them out. In particular, the Arambai just seems…bad. They have high damage, sure, but their low accuracy makes every engagement a dice roll. Not to mention that they’re pretty frail, so poorly timed misses can lead to losing units pretty quickly. Any tips?

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Don’t try to hit individual units. Aim for a large group of clumped-up units. They do full damage to any target they hit, so they will do a lot of damage to a relatively large area. They’re basically a more mobile version of the Onager, but not as extreme.


So would you recommend setting them to attack-move, rather than focus firing?

Honestly, I don’t know. It’s really based on the situation, I suppose.

It doesn’t matter if you focus fire a unit among a clumped group. If you focus fire a straggler unit, yes it’s huge waste of dps.

But yeah it’s always better to attack move with arambai I guess.

Don’t use them in low numbers, they do wayy better than most units when they reach a critical mass, especially with the elite upgrade, and they have soo good synergy with the Burmese Hussars with Manipur cavalry.

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