How to use Mexican tech "Third Guarantee"?

Third Guarantee allows Haciendas can be sold to get wood. This seems valid for quick rush strats, “IF” Mexicans can use it to do with excess wood.

Currently, the only viable rush strategy with Third Guarantee is hoarding food, shipping a Leather Soldiers card (changes unit coin costs to wood), and sending an army.

Other than this, I don’t know how to use Third Guarantee. Who else wants to sell Haciendas in the Industrial Age without rush strat purpose?

This is a treaty card. In treaty you have loads of shipments to spare and little wood.

It can also make sense on water maps.

I’d just go Yucatan in treaty and get the wood gathering card for Haciendas which stays in your deck after returning to Mexico if that’s going to be the problem. Had some really strong matches in treaty where I’d save my shipments at the start, gather enough to get me through the Yucatan revolt quickly, revolt, send the economy upgrades of the revolt along with 1 or 2 military ones before returning to Mexico and still being able to send their “state” upgrades afterwards in Imperial.

The main use I can think of is combined with the tlaxcala textiles card you could sell a Hacienda and rebuild it to get 2 settlers (and I suppose 120 xp) each time. However since it makes the build time so long I don’t think it is worth the effort. It would maybe be decent in empire wars since you get a wagon with each shipment you could sell one every time you get a shipment so you would effectively get 2 vills + 600w with each shipment.