How to use the new trigger condition “OR”

The new trigger condition “OR” seems to be a very useful addition to the scenario editor.
However, I currently do not see how to use it.

In the basic example below, I have two conditions:

  • select the Paladin
  • select the Champion

The effect is a simple message being printed.

When no OR condition is used, the effect is as expected: the message only appears when both the Paladin and the Champion are selected at the same time.

Now, I would like to have the message appear when at least one of the two (Paladin or Champion) is selected. I tried to add the OR condition, but when testing, the message directly appears, even if no unit is selected.
I tried different positions for the OR condition (which does not have parameters), different number of OR conditions, but each time the same result (message displayed directly without selecting any unit).

How could I solve this?

Excuse me, where I can find the OR condition?

It’s called “Conditional Separator”


Sorry for digging up an old post, but since no one answer it…

Short answer: Delete all of the conditions and recreate them in an correct order.

Long answer: When you create a Triggers/ Conditions/ Effect, they will be assigned a number, then the game will run them in order. In your case, two “Object Selected” conditions are #0 and #1, so I am sure the “OR” are #2.

The repositioning button is only an external thing, only making thing easier for us human to read, it didn’t really change anything inside.

So, actually, from the point of view of the game, those condition orders are like:
#0 Object Selected
#1 Object Selected
#2 OR

You need to delete and recreate the conditions in proper order, so the OR will actually be in between them.

This is really such a pain in the ass and I hope they fix this since I was a child, and I am disappoint to found out this problem still exists in 2023. I am gladful they made a lot of improve to the game and scenario editor, but, still…

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Thank you for the answer :slight_smile:
At the end, I just avoided to use the OR condition, but nice to know in case for the future.