How to watch record games from files

Hey, I have a question I hope someone can help me with:
I have no idea how to watch record games besides the last one that I played. When I click “open saved games” it brings up windows file manager but I am clueless what to do from there, any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile: thanks

When you are mostly playing quicksearch, your recorded game gets overwritten by the new game you just played.
you can prevent that if you rename the game “recorded game”, then it wont be deleted.


As another way to save your recordings, you can create extra files at the same location and put the recordings there.

I have recordings in files like “1v1-Mulitplayer”, or “Team games-multiplayer”, or “1v1-Extreme AI”, etc…

That way you don’t lose the one you like the most (If you keep around 50 recordings hahah).

Unfortunately, tho I haven’t tested it out by myself, I read that older recordings are unable to be seen as updates come in. If someone know if this is true, comment please, otherwise, i have like 50 recordings to delete…

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Anyone know how to share recording games?