How to win Yamato, Island Hopping?

Even on EASY mode, this episode is impossible to win. The ships keep getting killed, and too many enermies on land. What is the trick?

I think for all episodes there is a movie on YouTube. Check this one:

I saved some horses for the final/middle island where there are phalanxes and a large army waiting.

  1. Save some horses and one legion, put legion on island where you will drop off artifact
  2. Use catapaults to destroy towers. This will make the enemy attack
  3. Take a few horses and hide them along the shore line to get artifact
  4. Wait for the enemy to reach your main army, lure them if you have to with catapaults
  5. Sneak horses behind the fight to get artifiact and guide it to transport away from fight.
    Basically your army will lose the fight but act as a decoy to get the last artifact. The reason you save the legion unit is because if all your units dies in the fight you lose the game. So keep one legion or other unit alive.