How viable is Inca card "Ceque System" in 1v1 supremacy

Saw a build that went tp first, ceque system, 11 age up with priestess, zapotec allies, 3 tambo, and then native shipment. I was wondering how this compares to the standard 4 vil start? If these builds played each other which would win?

Typically xp tickles are hard countered by aggressive pushes, so it all depends on the match up. If you face a civ that turtles or boom, then you can survive.

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Thanks for the advice, that makes a lot of sense.

Sounds quite bad, no 4 vill big button, no builder travois age up (forced to chop extra 250 wood at least). Is priestess to dance on the plaza? Priestesses are very underwhelming and slow to train, no where close to an aztec warrior priest. Another 100 wood to build the plaza is needed if so, which is going to take a long time with just 11 vills.

Standard build would almost certainly win.

There is a variable of the native Inca rush, which consists of sending as a fourth shipment, ceque system, at that point you have 3 tambos built, you can send at another time, the 3 travois of TP, to have 6 TPs, which is a total 3.0 exp / s. But with the build order that you are proposing, I see it very not viable.