How well does Hindustani camel trade vs eagle warrior in castle age? And what about generic camels?

I have this question from ranked team games. Since players used to love knight civs in pocket, nowadays more people pick camel civs to counter knight pocket, so we then see some players pick eagle warrior civs to counter camels.

From a game where i was hindu and opponent pocket was aztec, my camel is fully upgraded in castle age, attack faster due to civ bonus. The eagle player is still missing the last attack (or armour, I can’t remember). My camel was trading well vs eagles. Anyone has done testing before?

One thing that is surely good for camel is the much better mobility as castle age eagles are pretty slow.

The edges that Eagle Warriors grant is that they are swift, and trade well against Archers, and well enough against some light units. Furthermore, they are easy to swarm with, cost little food, and only need production barracks.

Camel Riders have a sizeable raw HP edge but cost more food and gold (Though Eagle Warriors need an upgrade). Furthermore, they require Stables, meaning you need more than a barracks. You have to put more effort to churn Camel Riders, particularly from an economic standpoint.

Eagle warrior on the left, Generic Camel on the right

Eagle warrior on the left, hindustani camel in the right.
Stats from aoe2database, don’t ask me why the eagle Warrior hast 1hp ledt

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I have never done full tests, but my intuition leads me to believe they trade in 2:3 ratio. Camel has 120 HP and does 6 damage. Eagles do 10 damage (with the bonus). So Camels need about 10 hits to kill, while Eagles need 12. Add the faster attack bonus, and you got an about 2:3 ratio. Food-wise, you are trading poorly early Castle Age since Camels are 55f vs thr Eagles’ 20f. Gold-wise, you come out ahead.

Regardless, unless they have 1 player going Knights, you should not be making Camels vs. Meso civs and be making Ghulams/Handcannoneer (possibly even Hussar) instead.

In TG, generally stacking melee units is bad due to limited space and pathing issues. So make Camel if your pocket is doing Arbalest for example.

They do 9damage, against Camel the Bonus ist only +2, +3 only against cavalry

Honestly i have never seen this, apart from random civs.

The problem is not so much the castle age, but the feudal age: Feudal eagles SUCK compared to FU scouts. They are slower, slower to train, have less attack and less HP. The only edge they have is that its easier to get to gold than food.
In castle, xbow+eagles does actually okay vs camels+xbow (as you will always have more eagles than camels). Its not so much about the direct fight as about the fact that camels cant dive due to low PA, and they cant tank for the same reason. Vs kts the camels just dive anyways because they are so cost efficient when attacking kts, but against eagle this is not the case.

The cost is exactly 2:3 as well. 2 camels cost the same as 3 eagles.

Yeah thanks! But i know camel always win 1v1 but I was talking about equal resources by default

That is true. When both players have archer flank camel is terrible. I was using camels that game and my base was swarmed by eagles, I was Hindustani and don’t have knight but I cleaned up those eagles with camels so I think Hindu camels can trade surprisingly well vs eagles

That’s what the cost efficiency stat is about, its about equal against generic camels