How will the new Roman civilisation impact existing campaigns?

Aside from the obvious Attila and Alaric campaigns, the Romans make an appearance in others like Ivaylo. Do you think the devs have made significant overhauls of these campaigns?

This seems to be the main reason why one would add the Romans in the first place.
They have always replaced civilisations in campaigns once better ones were added in a DLC, some even being replaced more then once.
Like the Poles in the campaign were Goths then Slaves before finally being turned into real Poles.


Ivaylo ? That’s definitely byzantine territory.

Maybe some wisigothic cities in Tariq ibn Ziyad, as the Goths took over the roman administration and didn’t change much at the local level.


Apart from obvious Attila and Alaric, Romans could appear as Gauls (Attila 4 and 5) and Iberians cities in Tariq instead of franks and Italians.
Maybe maybe in Bari for papal states or similarly in Barbarossa and other scenarios where you have Italians, Teutons etc to represent different factions, but this mostly just to add variety, they couldn’t certainly use their unique units later than Tariq…
In the end this game is still very poor in depicting late antiquity but hopefully adding Romans will spawn a dlc about it someday with vandals, suebi, Saxons etc.


Will they change the campaigns drastically like Prithviraj?

I don’t think so, Attila is of an already high quality (Ornlu gave it a S) and the AOE2 Romans are still a bonus.

Tariq’s scenario that would need a rework the most is Crossing the Pyrennees…

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Both the Attila and Alaric have you fight East Rome, so the Byzantines, for the first half of the Campaign so only the second half would have to be changed.
Some missions will probably have both the Byzantines and the Romans.

They might be used in some cases in the Tariq ibn Ziyad campaign where they now use the Italians and Byzantines but it’s debatable if the Romans actually fit better.

It would actually fit much better. The Visigothic kingdom of Hispania was still heavily influenced by late Antiquity Roman culture, so it would make a lot of sense to change Italians for this Roman civ.


Eastern empire at the time was not byzantine yet, they probably still fought with legions and centurions. Very little difference with the west. Byzantines start from mid VII century circa. They could still use byzantines just for variety and make them create legionnaires.


Not sure but several campaign scenarios are linked to certain achievements. Dont think the devs could change that much eg. Alaric #4 is tied to “Rome Was Destroyed in One Day”

Legions and Centurions already appear in that mission though.
I don’t think that achievements are important enough to make them not edit a mission.

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Good point

Still, this is the 64th so only 37 more discussions over this DLC to go, Thank you :blush:

The Byzantines used legions for a while after the Western Roman Empire collapsed. So the Romans in the Ivaylo campaign could use the new Rome civ.

Nooo ahah that’s definitely too late. The last mention we have of a legion, the V macedonica, was in Egypt in 636, it was probably destroyed by the Muslims shortly after.
Even by imagining there were others we don’t know about which lasted longer I’d say by the end of the VII century at max legions disappeared.
What you could do is renaming legions to tagmata (which were the byzantine main force after the institution of themata) from Bari on.
But in the few campaigns existing before 700 yes byzantines could use legionaries for what is worth.

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Generally I think if the faction being represented is the Western Roman Empire, that faction should be the Roman civ. if the faction being represented is the Eastern Roman Empire/Byzantines, that should be the Byzantines.

So Attilla 4-6 and most of Alaric should have byzantines/Italians switched to romans. Maybe I’m missing some additional appearances but those are the ones that come to mind.

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