How would be an AoE with a photorealistic first person shooter game graphics?

and why devs don’t make it.

Well first of all it wouldn’t be AoE, so that’s why devs don’t make it. Secondly, who on earth would want AoE to go the route of Cyberpunk?

Btw, Arma 3 has something called zeus-mode that can be played as an rts with “photorealistic fps graphics”. Arma 2 even had a rts-mission at the end of it’s main campaign. You should try that if you’d like it can be pretty fun. But, in trying that, you will also notice very clearly why classic rts’s like AoE/Starcraft do not go this route.

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My opinion is purely about the realistic graphics, nothing else should change. After 20 years as many here, i am a bit disappointed how the graphics still looks like a toy game while first shooter games have made giant steps to give to players a real feeling a realism. Just imaging what could a bird see 600 years ago flying over a village…

Go to management-style strategy games for that “what a bird would see” experience (Manor Lords, Dawn of Man, Ancient Cities, etc), or tactical strategy games like Total War - there are plenty of choices both current and from gaming history. You will never see traditional rts’s go in that direction, at least not successfully, because the mechanics of the genre aren’t compatible with that sort of presentation.