How would more historical campaigns be in the age of empires 3

Hello again guys, I created this new thread, more than to talk about cards or balances, as a way for us to write scripts of historical events that we would like to see in age of empires 3 DE I would like to know what kind of events they have in mind you and how would you create a script for a campaign (and how would you scale the difficulty) this more than anything to show that here you are willing to pay for historical campaigns (and battles too) for age of empires 3

(I will think of a Historical Campaign and also historical battles that could be implemented)


Well I’ll answer myself xd here I go

The story of a Great Captain (Historical campaign in Spain where you will play as Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba)

Mission 1: Battle of Albuera:
Description: As a faithful follower of the Elizabethan cause, Gonzalo would begin his military career worthy of a second to nobility in the War of Castilian Succession, he would engage in combat against the Portuguese in 1479 near the city of MĂ©rida.

-Main Objective: Defeat the Portuguese
-Secondary Objective: Do not lose more than 15 soldiers

Interlude: Reconnaissance and Lockdown
After his performance in battle, the Grand Master of the order of Santiago, Alonso de Cárdenas would recognize him as one of the best knights of the order, designated even by voice and vote of the Córdoba council as major, he would marry his cousin, but this She would die giving birth, her brother would give her the mayorship of Santaella as a gift, but he would fall prisoner by his cousin and enemy Diego Fernández de Córdoba y Montemayor, and would only be released thanks to the intercession of the Catholic Monarchs.


French Campaign
The story of New France and its survival against the odds during King William’s War

Mission 1: Battle of Quebec
Description: 1690 - The English have conquered Port Royal, Acadia and the Haudenosaunee have been attacking unprotected settlements south of Montreal. Now an amphibious force from Boston is poised to land in Quebec and end the French American dream forever!

Hero: Governor Louis de Baude be Frontenac

Main Objective: Defend Quebec for 30 minutes
Secondary Objective: Acquire reinforcements from Trois Rivieres and Montreal
Bonus Objective: Destroy all British frigates

Opening dialogue
British Envoy: We have 34 ships and a full regiment from Boston. We are prepared to hear the terms of your surrender. What is your reply?
Frontenac: You will hear my reply from the mouths of my canon, honhonhon
Envoy walks off screen

Map: Half of the map is covered in water representing the St Lawrence River. Near the center of the map lies Quebec City, which acts as the player’s base and includes walls, some fortifications, and settlers. However Quebec was ill-prepared for the siege and the player must build majority of defenses and military units from scratch.

Other scenario conditions:

  • 30 minute time limit (British can’t stay for winter)
  • No home city shipments, owing to the St Lawrence being blockaded
  • British begin with a strong navy of frigates and will begin pounding on Quebec City immediately
  • British have a large army and will attempt to land large forces of British troops and canon on the coastline at frequent intervals
  • Fortress Age limit
  • Mission is challenging, none of that cake walk stuff from the vanilla campaigns, actual thinking required

Ending Cinematic: Frontenac and the brave men and women of New France have preserved the future of French America for now, but Frontenac knows that the war has just begun. The British have promised to return and the Haudenosaunee continue to raid settlements in the south. Owing to New France’s population disadvantage, Frontenac knows that New France’s best chance is to take the fight to the enemy.

Frontenac enlists the aid of his best man, d’Iberville, to go on adventures to Hudson’s Bay and Newfoundland to raid, destroy and capture British settlements and to disrupt the British fisheries and fur trade.

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Uh bump. Wut de hell, guyz? I worked really hard on my Frontenac scenario.

Start pitching single-player mission ideas, everybody. No need for a ton of detail. We are just spitballin’ here.