How would you implement advanced defense layouts?

Examples of actual defensive layouts in history by engineers:


The channel of the video below is mostly about aoe3 history, nice.

References of tech in the upgrades:


A simple layout of defense for most of the civs:

A wall, a fort and outposts behind it.

How could other technologies be implemented?

Maybe like you can make a gate by “upgrading” a wall section, you could make a “wall outpost”

Like a certain AOM mod →

If you wanted to implement ditches, which were frequently used in defenses, maybe they could be implemented the same way:

The above picture could be the way to implement it into the wall UI
Q = The bastion upgrade (HP and build time up)
W = Wall guards upgrade (Places 2 guards on top of stone wall sections to shoot at nearby enemies)
E = Floods ditches to slow enemies movement speed further
A = Place a gate onto the wall
S = Place a tower on the pillar of a wall to shoot at nearby enemies
D = Places a moat around the wall to slow down sieging enemies movement speed

Also, as a shipment, you could implement the fort walls:

As for moats, maybe they could be built according to your TC initial position and outwards, so any face of a wall section would only have a moat on the outside.

How else would you implement this?
If you would I mean, I think it would really upgrade the “city builder” aspect of the game.


I’m currently trying to make the AI build something like this. What I’ve got so far is a fort, a ring around the fort, and a nearby tower or two with a small ring around that.

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Game would need extensive engine modifications to make anything resembling Star Forts, not only functional, but viable.

Found an aesthetic change to walls in the mods, props to the creator

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How so? most of it is already achieved through mods or shipments across many civs, isn’t it mostly standardization?

Ain’t no way you’re making ditches and moats with mods.
Even the Fort Walls are mostly convenient optical illusions, but that’s just a matter of modfying the model so that it doesn’t have the ramps and platforms facing outward. If you want to keep them but always face your base, oh boy, ain’t gonna pull that off easily.

Basically the same with the upgrades to give guards on the walls attacking, you could jank it out and just have a dummy soldier that’s unkillable shooting, but that’d still require custom animations.

I’d like to see the fort walls from campaign with the outposts on top of the wall.

A mod of ww1 had trenches that were just a line of mud in the ground lol (if you stood near it, you got extra hitpoints), but it still made enough sense without modeling an actual hole in the ground, maybe this could be an easy aproach.

Well, yeah, only dead if the wall falls.

Bastions like in the first Morgan level? Nice

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This is the kind of thing that makes me think that AOE-3 is limited by its current graphics engine, so a new game as similar to the current AOE-3 as possible, but with some new mechanics like these could be a good way. to follow.

Personally I would be happy if the gates could be built on the trade route. (At least in the late game).