Howdahs OP?

I am seeing way more howdah spamming coming from Indian players nowadays and they seem a bit too strong in my opinion, what’s the consensus? I’ve heard a pro player say they’re OP.

They aren’t
They are wayy too slow to mass, takes a lot of pop space and also cost a ton.


Zambs are better, more cost efficient, one pop, available in age 2.

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howdah are very powerful units, but not on a per population basis. 2 howdah is an age 3 shipment, and that has a food cost attached to it! it usually takes 9 or 10 skirms to beat 2 howdah, and thats expected for a resource trade and equal pop. people don’t often expect to need 50 skirms to beat 10 howdah, but that’s just what it takes to trade into them cost effectively

In many case Howdah tends to overkill, if you play Indian use Howdah if the enemy create Cuirassier, Mameluke or other easy reachable 800hp melee cav, otherwise Zamburak is better with it’s speed.


I too think that zamburaks are better in general, but what i really like about howdahs is that they are like the yojimbo, their melee attack is super strong, they deal about 3 times the damage to cavalry than they deal otherwise with range attacks, although of course, they lose their range advantage wich is kind of the whole point of the unit type but still, is a great way to compensate for their speed, that way they don´t just fall like paper when the hand cavalry just arrives xd