How's this Trash War Alliance: Magyar + Berber + Vietnamese?

When it comes to trash wars late game, Magyars has the most diverse trash unit option, Huszar, Genitour, Imperial Skirms, Halbs, Skirms, and Hussars. Vietnamese can also benefit from extra tanky Genitours from Berbers.

I noticed such an alliance is very rarely discussed. How powerful can this alliance actually be during the trash wars?

The reason being that in TGs with trade access, having strong trash is not very important. If you’re making large amounts of “strong” trash in TGs, you will get pushed by the other team’s more pop-efficient gold units.

Hera actually put out a video today that is adjacent to this topic:

He’s talking about 1v1, but the same principle applies even more so to TGs, where you’ll want to invest into your most powerful (gold) units to establish a winning position, and the idea of “saving gold for later” is completely irrelevant.


yeah, basically what SirWiedreich said.
making trash units in team games is missing the point. with the exception of maybe some halbs you really want to avoid making any trash in 85% of cases. you usually want one strong frontline unit knight (or some replacement like leitis, boyar, konnik, elephants etc) and a strong backline unit xbow (or rattan, cho ko nu, mangudai etc).
skirms and genitours just dont deal enough damage to the front line unit, so the enemy wins the melee fight and then slaughters the skirms with melee units.

another thing to consider is getting to these options: imperial skirms are only an option in imp, so you need to survive till then first. similarly huszar and genitour are only available in castle. depending on the map this civ combo might already be too far behind by then

lastly you usually want 2 archer and 1 cav civ in a situation like this, although this depends on the map too.

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