HP Bar

I’ll probably be the only one to be concerned by that, but i find the HP bars to be a little bit invasive on screen. I was thinking we could replace them by a slight change in color of the unit itself, like the weaker gets the uit, the darker its color turns or something like that, or even the more blood it starts to have on itself (there could just be 4 graphics per unit from the untouched to the very wounded one )

Let me know what you think

HP bars are clear to read, while trying to guess your unit’s health based on slightly different graphics sounds impractical.


It is fancy, but I would do it opcional. I personally like the bars

Im sure you aren’t. Varying graphics effects(like the total war games) over bars will certainly give a much more cinematic experience but i imagine costs a fair amount of money to implement.

And would very likely not be used in MP in place of hp bars.

Maybe one day someone will mod it but i can’t see devs justifying the cost.