HRE buff idea: allow prelates to inspire units when garrisoned

It would make prelate management much easier if they can inspire units when garrisoned in outposts, TCs and keeps. Prelates should have increased casting range while the cooldown remains the same.
Players can build an outpost around a farm/mill cluster or woodline, send a prelate in and forget about it.
This also makes inspired warrior more convenient to use if you keep an army around a keep. Just put a few prelates in the keep and the army will be kept inspired.
A prelate costs 100 gold and spending 100 wood to protect it sounds quite reasonable. It shouldn’t be OP as long as the casting cooldown is kept the same.


But is it “inspiring” enough for the troops, when the prelate hides behind castle walls, while they fight?

Jokes aside, it would make management and army selection easier for sure. It’s quite annoying when prelate runs head first into the battle. (Not everyone has excellent micro skills in the heat of the battle)