HRE Build Order

Here is the build order I made for the Holy Roman Empire on land map, feel free to let me know if it can be improved, and feel free to add your own build orders to the post! Thanks!

—Age I—

  1. 6 Villagers on sheep
  2. Scout for sheep
  3. +1 Villager for house then move to gold
  4. +2 Villager for gold
  5. +1 Prelate for gold
  6. +6 Villagers for wood
  7. 2 Villagers from wood to Meinwerk Palace @ 3:00mins
  8. +6 Villagers for food, build mill get wheel barrel, don’t forget to build houses as you see fit
  9. +1 Prelate for wood

—Age II—

  1. 2 Villagers from Meinwerk to your chosen early unit building, then move them back to wood, don’t forget attack upgrades and infantry speed
  2. +10-20 Chosen early units, scout for enemy to see if you should attack or defend
  3. +3 Villagers for gold
  4. +3 Villagers for stone
  5. +6 Villagers for wood
  6. +1 Prelate for food
  7. +6 Villagers on food
  8. +6 Villagers on gold
  9. Build town center
  10. +3 Villagers on stone
  11. Keep producing villagers, build stone walls
  12. Move half or all woodcutters to build Burgrave palace then move back to wood

—Age III—

  1. Build 2 siege workshop with wood you saved from not making 5 barracks
  2. Create mangonels and back them up with spears and MAA from Burgrave Palace
  3. Scout for weak points then attack
  4. Elzbach Palace with half or all woodcutters, return them to wood after it is completed

—Age IV—

  1. Go ham

So you haven’t had players attack you prior to age III?
I think you’ll find as you climb the ladder that better players will not simply leave you alone while you go 2 TC and tech to Castle Age with no military.

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You make the 10-20 units early by then you can hit age 3. I win games within 20 mins.

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Looks really nice!
But what about the prelate?
It can be a huge boost to your economy early on (when inspired a villager gathers 40% faster!). If you micro it a bit you end up with a huge eco boost in the dark age and since the HRE don’t really has another eco bonus it’s more like a generic civ buildorder. I would recommend to make a prelate as soon as the game starts and then maybe 1 more to gold to make up for the cost, but since he can significantly improve your resource gather rates so you could put less villagers on other things

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I guess this is where step number 2 comes on the age 2 section so he could adapt his build depending on what he sees the enemy is doing

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I will try it in my next few games to see how it goes!

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Who need Castle age for HRE. Cheap blacksmith, rams, 2 barracks, 10 man ať arms, win in 15 minutes. Hehe.

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I will try that out. My wins are generally around 20 mins which is only 5 more. But if I could lower it maybe its something I could use vs strong lategame factions!

Yeah I prefer just rushing with two rax into MAA in Feudal. However, fast castle, Aachen Cathedral into Regnitz is also extremely strong. Take 2-3 relics and bathe in gold. Your Cathedral makes you pump out tons of food. Go knights and rams.

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I added more prelates to the start and so far it allows me to transition better into the second age, whereas before there was a dead period when I needed gold upon entering the second age. Now I can get my upgrades when needed, thanks!

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More Prelates but not the age 2 landmarks having one prelates inside buffing almost all your gold and food productions?

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So far my build has been doing good but I was thinking about building the prelate buff building where my farms will eventually go. My winrate is about 3.0, I do need to experiment some more. Issue is when I use up those resources. Which is why I might want it on food, I could always buff the stone and gold then move my farms over there. i will try it, and see how it goes.

Just would like to clarify, is it one prelate only buffing one villager?
Spending 100 gold early being very vulnerable that I don’t want doing it at the wrong moment.

No prelates buff around 8 villagers. There is no mana or energy, so it is about as fast as they can auto cast. Only issue is there is a bug stopping them from autocasting sometimes. There is also a hidden 40% carry capacity for villagers which makes them take longer to deliver items but when they do deliver its huge bulk. I have to manually tell them to drop off when I am short just a few resources.

I was worried too, hence why I only made 1 prelate in the second age (my original post was changed) but making the one prelate for gold made it so when I hit second age I had enough gold to get upgrades for wheel barrel and gold instantly which paid for itself. Before I basically sat around waiting for a few seconds which is dangerous. In fact the game entices you to build prelates early, hence why the first mastery for HRE is gain resources with a prelate early game.


I add Prelates earlier. They add 40% buff, so it seems any time you have 3 vils on a resource, it might make sense to send a prelate instead of a villager, as that adds 3x40=120% of a villager’s production.

That said, prelates cost 100g compared with 50food vil, and take longer to produce. So I usually wait till I have 5+ vils to make a prelate. And prelates can apparently keep up to 8 vils effectively.

My rough build order:

6 starting vils on sheep
1 prelate (240% production vs addl vil!)
1 vil on sheep
1 vil makes house, goes to gold
new vils to sheep
when food gets to ~ 300, send 5 sheep vils + prelate to gold
new vils to wood
When resources ready to age up, send gold vils & prelate to build landmark + wood
5 vils + new prelate to stone
Barracks for defense
Build 2nd TC with stone vils & prelate

Adapt to military / eco from there

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Hey thanks for the comment! Unfortunately I cannot edit my post. Probably because it is too old. I will keep playing and testing ideas and perhaps I will post an updated build eventually.

Unless your enemy are french or mongols

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How do you win so quick?

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Early mangonels destroy the enemies first defense army then they give up and forfit. Although I have lost a few times. Make sure you scout and just feed off of info from that and change your plays according to scout information. If you fight mongols be sure to gather your 2 sheep then quickly scout their base to make sure they are not doing a TC rush. If the Mongols are doing a TC rush, put all villagers on wood and food, build two barracks and pump spearmen nonstop to counter them.