HRE - Coat of Arms missing

I feel like I needed to open this bug report, because I reported it so often via several ways except this one, and it never got fixed or at least acknowledged.

This is literally bugging me since beta stress test. The shields of MAA and knights for the HRE are blank except for two slim vertical lines. The coat of arms is missing, they are actually carrying blank shields. I believe there should be the HRE eagle or a Teutonic cross on the shields.

Please fix this issue in one of the next updates. I think it is the only civ that is missing its proper coat of arms and it is actually driving me nuts.

The HRE could use some more love in general as they are one dimensional and still very buggy. What else is there for them other than man at arms and a weak and easy to counter unique unit? They are so baseline and also have no lategame (no edge over anybody, only standard stuff) and very lame techs like Benediction, the spearmen armor in age IV (feels weak for that age), no unique Landsknecht techs and the defensive buildings techs that do not feel like a big help. Inspiration for army feels uninspired and needs some qol and effectiveness improvements as well. Also, why is there no reference to the Teutonic Order? Feels like a chance missed. And then ofc the Prelate bugs need to go. They can’t inspire springalds and try to inspire mangonels but to no avail which renders them useless unless you manually reassign them. Inspiration also still greys out and becomes unavailable, but I don’t know what triggers that. Also the Burgrave Palace does not really feel like a choice. It is too weak and the cumulative costs in it are not worth the trade off. You would have to float ressources for that landmark to be of use which counterplays the attempt of being maximal efficient.

Please consider these things for future upgrades.


The forums (and support) are the place to go if you for sure want a dev to see it (well…almost…97.657%; we’re only human).

Seen! I’ll make sure we check it out.

We are definitely working on additional bug fixes and balance.

Appreciate the report!


That’s great. Thank you <3