HRE Elzbach Palace defense buff not applying to Walls/Wall Towers

The Elzbach Palace has the unique aura that buildings in it take 33% less damage. However walls and wall towers do not gain the buff.

I have also tested direct damage and walls always take the same amount of damage inside the aura or outside. So its not a tooltip bug.

P.S.: The unique repair ability from the HRE also doesn’t work on walls or wall towers, though I can see that this would be intended. For the 33% aura however it should definitely apply to walls as that is the auras main purpose after all.


Perhaps it is because the walls are not linked to the grid system like a normal building? I hope this gets resolved.

I tested it and for example normal towers that are outside the grid aka not connected still get the buff since they are in the initial area. The walls i tested are also right next to the Elzbach Palace, so they are inside the initial aura area and should therefore receive the buff.

Thanks @FaddishClover85! I’ve logged this so we can track it internally. I appreciate the report!

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