HRE Landsknecht Achievement

Holy Roman Empire’s Steam achievement says 10,000 enemies killed by Landsknecht total… Is that the real number or just a typo? Seems a bit insane to have players create nothing but Landsknecht match after match just to attain this. Especially since they are not so great as a 1 unit type army. Also, I noticed in game for the mastery as well as the achievement show “Landsknechte” with the “e” at the end. Again, I do not know if this is a typo or if this is the plural of the word in German.

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It’s the german plural for Landsknecht

unsurprisingly the lowest achieved one for aoe4… coupled to a bum unit results in no one achieving it, clearly devs thought the land shark was going to be more useful… really hoping one day it gets a buff

Yes, its 10k.
Best way to do it is to play against multiple hardest AI on a Mountain Pass or any chokepoint map, with max resources.

Build cca 40 barracks, 20 houses, 4 blacksmiths, 1 university. Upgrade everything that improves Landsknecht.

Then just suicide them against incoming AI armies at the chokepoint.
You will kill around 2000k units within 15 minutes and then run out of resources, so you can restart and repeat.

(Same can be done for Abbasids Camel Rider achievement as that one is too high for normal games)