HRE Macemen!

These guys look really cool imo, Im guessing they are a variation of man-at-arms that does bonus dmg to armoured units. If thats the case its very exciting to see the variations of man-at-arms for different civs. (i think most civs will have different stats) What are your thoughts?


I’d be very surprised if it’s anything but a reskin.

I’ve seen many things in this game, but truly unique units isn’t one of them.

Every civ has the same homogenized “culture”. Just the economies are different in the early game… else, same stuff.

That is HRE’s common unit Men at arms (you can compare its body model to HRE’s MAA with sword&shield in the video). However, HRE’s MAA can get two-handed mace as weapon through a special tech.

“So können normale Einheiten beispielsweise mit Plattenrüstungen oder Zweihändern* ausgestattet werden. Das macht sie quasi zu einer Pseudo-Spezialeinheit.”
“Common units (of HRE) can be equipped with plate armour or two-handed weapon. That makes them a kind of semi-unique unit. "

*(the word Zweihändern here does not specifically refer to zweihander sword we usaully talk about, but any kind of two-handed weapons, judging by the video, it should be a two-handed mace)

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Yeah this is something I keep telling people who are saying the game isn’t asymmetrical enough. Techs and weapon types will differ. Just because there is a baseline common unit type Man-at-arms that doesn’t mean they are all the same. They don’t need a different name to be unique. Their weapon type, stats, and proficiencies will make them different.

To be fair they do have the Landsknecht but thats a different unit.