HRE Mastery "Thou Shalt Not Pass" bugged

First match, I built 5 keeps around the palace. Second game 3. Both didn’t give me masteries.


Yeah… the wording is not good. You need to not only build the palace and keeps, but they all need to be under the effects of a town center.

Wording is wrong, not just “not good.” I think it’s just a straight up bug tbh. Cuz I am pretty sure Elizbeth palace gives you repair ability, so what’s the point of having it connected to a TC?

Thanks and apologies all! We are aware of some issues with Masteries.

Having the same issue as well.
Done it like 3x now, and still no credit…
I even tried building a town center next to all of them and didn’t work.

Elzbach Palace gives a Damage reduction buff, not repair.
And the mastery doesn’t say it needs to be repair buff to begin with.

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please fix it - at last the description that you mast me in influence of Palace AND TC.
Bug is repported since months:
As last just the text - so every dev can fix a wrong description.thx^^lg

Still the same… I’ve tried a few times today and no luck.

the suggestion to build everything surrounding your (original) town center worked for me :slight_smile: (after building it in random places 2 other games :wink: )

A fix for this one should finally be coming with the next big update. Closing out this thread. Thanks, all!