Hre mastery

to me get the mastery, of killing 50 enemies with “landsehusahuaes”, I must kill 50 in only one game, or it is cumulative??

In one single game.

It’s not comultative.

omg, its not easy to get them, very easy to counter unit…

unfortunately you also cant upgrade to the elite version, it has to be the base landsknecht. if you fight multiple AI, with AI on your team, it might be easier to do this, with like max starting res. even if you lose the match just kill enough enemies

ooooooh, I was playing a 4vs4, and massed them when reached imperial. I killed lots of vils from a resigned player, I think that didnt counted because he was a out of the game, but they were all elites… sad to see that how harmful to the game those masteries can be, because most of the time you must go to a strategy that doesnt fit to the game and make you throw, even worst, that I know you can upgrade them…

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Yeah… playing the HRE is like playing the ugly step child of civs for this game.

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