HRE+OOTD needs Landsknecht visibility change

Playing vs these 2 civs, it’s often impossible to micro.
In aoe4 in generall, units often stack up super hard, they all clogg up and melt into each other.
On top of that, especially for OOTD Landsknecht units, they are incredibly difficult to tell apart from other units, especially spearmen.

OOTD/HRE make maa, some spears and some Landsknechts and attackmove and win.
Because you can’t do any fkn thing to micro it.
They are fast, bulky and the Landsknecht/spearmen do INSANE dmg to your cav/light units.
You just can’t click at them IF you even spot them in the mass.

Making archers is the only response for Landsknecht and spearmen units, but if you can’t even SEE them in the fight, this is an impossible fight.

Please fix ASAP

For real, please do something about visibility of ESPECIALLY OOTD units.
All their infantry looks exactly the same.
Even in a screenshot you can barely see which unit is which, if you focus on the static image for multiple seconds.
In a running fight, it’s entirely impossible.
All golden colours, units clogg up and the weapon of Landsknecht and Spear looks almost the same, while model also looks pretty much same.

In aoe3(de) high dmg aoe melee units like Ronins and Doppelsöldner were EASILY spotted in an army.
They looked VERY different from other units, so you could easily snipe them with skirmishers, if you had good micro.
In pro play, for that reason, they were not used all too much.

Whereas Landsknecht units are fast-moving, hard to spot, not overly expensive and have INSANE dps.
Something has to happen here…

It is not fair, when play play vs Diamond1 OOTD and you have to be conq2 skill level to win.


Never thought that I agree with you once, but yeah, the landsknecht especially with the hellbard upgrade looks like a spearman. I don’t have a problem with hre tho but ootd sometimes the units look to similar.


With anything, it’s always the first time at some point my friend :smiley:

Yeah exactly… The hellbard looks almost 100% the same as the spearmen’s spear.
On top of that, the body/armor of the units look almost same and the same golden colours…

In aoe3 it was VERY easy to tell pikes and doppelsöldner and musketeers apart.
Through colour, appeareance, unit size, posture, movement speed, they way the moved and the way they used their weapon when attacking.

In aoe4 it’s just a big mess and you can’t see what is going on.
This is so damn frustrating, this is no esports title, only casual game.

Is a rework of the models planned for the (near) future?

These days I checked out the aoe3(de) models and played/watched aoe3 scenes to compare the readibility.
And oh boy, the difference is extreme.
The units are first of all very detailed and 2nd they differ drastically in their appeareance.
This makes you spot KEY UNITS (!) like a Doppelsöldner, which can basically wipe units and especially cavalry, very easily.
This, unfortunately, is absolutely not the case in aoe4.
It is VERY hard to spot Landsknecht units and even spearmen in a moving army of infantry units.
The difference JUMPS from the screen into your eye, we’d say in Germany.

Whereas in aoe4, the units all clogg up, especially when running/walking and you can’t see what they even are, because they literally melt into each other, because of the lacking distance, but also because they very much all are look-alike versions.
Is it men at arms? spearmen? landsknecht?
It is so hard to see.

It’s especially the case for age3 and age4 OOTD units.

This puts the player who’s going for let’s say cavalry+archers against a maa+spearmen+lands combo into a big disadvantage. It is often impossible to micro, because you just can’t SEE what you are up against.
You really wanna snipe these spearmen/lands, but you can’t SPOT them in the fight.

I personally had a very (!) good micro for my skill-level in aoe3de, but can’t pull it off in aoe4, because I just can’t identify the units, even after having played hundreds of matches and being at a high Diamond-near conq level in 1v1 and having been very close to conq3 in 2v2.