HRE Prelate Suggestion

Hey @all :wink:

I´m a HRE player and yeah its a special time atm. I thing everyone knows^^

I would have some suggestions to the pralate from the HRE to improve them and make them unique or even worth to play.

1st i would give them the same walking speed increases like the normal HRE infantry so they arnt slowing ur army down. Siege will do this job for you :wink: ^^
If this would be to good for the reliq game, it would be possible that the prelate loses the movement buff when they pick up a relic.

2nd big point. It would be amazing that the prelate would act like archers, so they dont run in the frontline and simply die. Instead of attacking they could start blessing or healing.

3rd point. The prelates only “work” when ur army stands still and u dont want to be ideal anyway. This would be even worse when reliq is introducing the patrol command like they announced. So please let them bless the army while walking.

4th point. The HRE is encouraged to play big with reliqs and to move all abouth the 3 reliqs in the regnitz chruch to points at the battlefield or use them to convert units (even in there mastery u have to do that).
Can a prelate who carrys a reliq get a blessing aura like the aachen chapel for armys?

What u thing about this suggestions?

PS: I didnt want to flame over the obvious prelate bugs and im hoping that they will get fixed, but i thing the HRE is missing big an there identity and I was not even adressing there weak army state atm. I thing there missing there 1-2 special units and some “usefull” unique upgrades but this is a point for a other time.

I wish u all a nice day and fun while playing

greedings m4x


i like this idea the most

ive said elsewhere the marching drills tech should apply to them as well (on top of reducing the cost of marching drills)

its ok if prelates slow the army down, but not to the extent which they currently do.

not sure about this one, im all for making the game more strategic, but this might be too much “auto micro”, prelates need to do a better job, but i dont think this is the way to do it, maybe extend the duration of the army buff, or make it an area effect or reduce cool down or something, but dont think blessing while walking is the best option

arent they all resolved? its just wording issues and balance atm

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No, sadly not at all

You can check the patchnotes and the prelate was left alone even reliq said they would fix it.

They bug out at random times like nothing was done.
They try to inspire siege and stuck for ever trying to buff the same unit over and over again.
And they lose sometimes there inspire ability totaly (greyt out) and u can kill him because hes doing nothing for the rest of the game.

They would heal when they stay or fight so there is still value but to inspire a whole army takes for ever even with 5 prelates or so. By inspiring by walking u would win a lot of “working time” for him.

Inspire by walking single units after each other or give them a mass inspire.

Its even useless sometimes to inspire a big army because the buff ended for the first ones before u finish everyone.

or even a castle that gets a relic inside buffs in a small circyle…

This are only my ideas after a few minutes. Im a little sad that the HRE is so uninspired gameplaywise.

Like I said before there army is a totaly diffrent and even worse topic.
They are borderline baseline and the movement buff fpr there infantery is to weak (maybe up to 15-20%) so u would get a micro advantage with meele and range infantery so they dont need new and unique dmg upgrades.
The HRE Man at arm is a joke after the patch. It should be THE Unit that makes the faction but the upgrade “bugfix” was a max hp nerf while crossbows aka there counters was buffed by 20-33%.

PLEASE if u buff one part of u Rock Paper Sissor System then dont forget about the left over ones.
U see the impact on the nerft Horseman or better Worseman.

Thanks for the opinions and suggestions

It’s not just prelates, every priest unit has the problem that attack moving them let them walk past enemy lines to die.
So the solution would be that attack moving means “heal move” for them, so they heal everything they come across on their way.

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Relic shadow updated the patch notes, so currently prelates should work normally.

  • Prelates will no longer stop inspiring if bumped by another unit.

Yeah that would be awesome.
Atm there running strictly into death. A nice 100g infestment

I saw that. I try to stay updated to not give false information.
But the bugs still exist. The bumping problem is only one, for example the silly siege inspiring endless cicycle with only on unit is for sure ingame. I had it a few times in my last 5 games or so.

I will try to get some footage next time …

I would add that in regnitz cathedral you should be able to produce prelates and all the upgrades, that way if you don’t manage to capture some relics the landmark is not totally useless, also upgrades and prelates are cheaper on this building, that way you can transition to inspire military, currently none use inspire military…

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Yeah, I get ur point but normaly ur getting 3 prelates at the same time ur teching up to t3 aka while regnitz is building. Than u can instant pick up the reliqs with preplaced prelates to get the reliqs asap.
I would like to have the building option and the research options too. But honestly it would make the Landmark maybe a little to strong. Its at the edge to it at the moment imo.

But if you play against Russ you will get 0 relics and landmark will be useless, I don’t see how this could be OP, prelates are almost useless…

Yeah, vs Rus its the hardest matchup for the reliq game. But not because of there monks or there Abby of trinity, its because of the number of scouts that can attack ur prelates.
On default HRE should win the reliq game because u can build prelates/monks before ur finished t3. Rus have to finish t3 and can start building monks than. HRE can and must preplace there prelates before there fast castleage is finished and u have to back them up with H(W)orseman or something.

This is the way I play the matchup

but i realy like your idea of cheaper production for inspiring military or maybe the regnitz could get a buff aura if reliqs are inside. But with the amount of gold generated it would be to strong imo.

They have to look into the other landmarks that arnt played more. The 5 Barracks with 5xproduction cost or the same as normal will be always a bad landmark because 5 barracks will be always better because u can produce 3 or 4 at the same time when u dont have enought resources for the full 5x price.