HRE prelates/ Delhi Scholars not behaving as they should logically do

Hello. Originally, I posted this in the Discussions forum as I wasn’t sure whether I should call it a bug or not. Then someone suggested I post it here.

There is an old issue with HRE Prelates and Delhi scholars most likely because they have the same generic code as for other religious units for other civs. If one attempts to queue a pick up a relic command and a right click to put the relic inside say an outpost when playing HRE the prelate will actually end up garrisoning while holding the relic. At the time one queues the commands the game does not recognize that after the first command the right click should be a put relic command rather than garrison and that’s why the garrison cursor appears.

As far as I know besides right clicking, there is no command/hotkey for putting relics inside buildings so the only way to avoid the problem at the moment is to wait for the prelate to pick up the relics first and pray not to do it late/forget about the prelate.

While HRE only have the issue when they decide to put relics in fortifications, Delhis have the issue all the time since it happens to their mosques as the scholars can garrison inside.

I believe a lot of players would appreciate if this gets fixed in some future patch or update.

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This one is working as intended, though I will definitely bring it up again. I agree with you, but it isn’t up to me :slight_smile: .