HRE should gain a relic when they complete a TC

because there is only ever 5 relics on the map, the HRE is at best going to get 3 of them, and probably put all of them in the regnitz, so the HRE stuff about docks, outposts, and forts is basically never ever used.

HRE has to pay 100 gold to buy prelates to get a worse version of other faction’s econ steroids, and despite being a faith faction, their prelate is a worse than the RUS priest in just about every way imaginable.

Getting a relic from building a TC would actually allow them to put them inside something other than the Regnitz sometime, and maybe even use them offensively with the prelate.

I will rather suggest , they gain a prelet when they complete a tc


Instead of giving them an extra relic, the bonus should be: “the first 3 relics stored in various HRE buildings give the 200% increase”

That way you still want to build the landmark, but are not limited to putting it inside the cathedral.

what are you talking about?

What? Did you read your own post? You are wanting to give the HRE relics for making town centers which is broken, you claim another issue is that their cathedral landmark is forcing players to not store relics in random buildings like towers and docks. The solution is to allow the cathedral bonus, but it applies to the first 3 relics stored in any building.

The HRE is actually really powerful with their relic bonuses. Like 900gold per minute without any workers is super good. Requesting bonus relics for towncenters just shows a lack of understanding the faction.

oh ok, so you’re saying no matter what building you put a relics in, you get the bonus cathedral. Ok I understand now.

That’s interesting, but I don’t really think that the relics are broken, because they can’t be that efficiently turned into anything other than gold. The Regnitz can hold 3 relics and then it gets full, idk what limit there is to relics on regular temples, but let’s say it’s 2. If the HRE builds 5 TCs over the course of the game and they put every bit of it into their economy and they fill up the regnitz, and they make 2 chapels and fill those up and you start getting tons and tons of gold coming in, the most of what you can do is just trade it for diminishing returns at the market where it gets more and more expensive for other resources.

Its no more OP than the mongols amazing trader line they can build, or the econ bonues the the Rus and French get with their natural worker bonuses AND their strong econ buildings that give them free resources and better trading.

I think the Regnitz is too strong right now and the other options are a bit weak. Like right now you have no reason really to go Burgrave. Also, the other relic uses are underwhelming. You need 5 relics in your dock to get the full effect. The keep buff is good, but not good enough to use a precious relic. I can see it being useful if you want a relic on the front lines for wololos - after the wololo stick it in the keep. But this brings up your point - a wololo is a risky move that might win you the game or might do nothing, but in the regnitz its a steady 300 gold/min. The regnitz is just tooooooo powerful.

It’s 20, at least if the UI can be believed. I don’t know what you mean by saying they can’t be turned efficiently into anything other than gold, that’s like what the market is for. Regnitz with 3 Relics will pay for a new TC in about a minute. So in 3 minutes you get back whatever resources you put into making the first 3 TCS, and from then it’s just a free relic every minute.

Not saying HRE doesn’t need some love, but this particular brand will make it extremely not fun to play against in any map where they can easily wall off / water maps, and probably not that fun to play as.

Oh well then we’ll say that as part of this change there will be a limit on how many relics you can put into chapel and the cathedral.

Also what I mean by that is the more stuff you buy from the market the more expensive it gets. So even though getting a lot of gold seems very strong you very quickly get diminishing returns. The mongols get to build trade caravans for like 25 gold 2 at a time, and they can build towers to increase their speed by 25%, so what the mongols can already do is stronger than what I’m suggesting, because even if you tried to focus your entire strategy around building TCs to get relics, TCs are incredibly expensive both in labor, build time, and cost, not to mention your relics can be stolen where as other civ’s econ bonus can’t be and because the market gets increasingly more expensive getting more gold ends up being worse than just getting better workers like what the french and Rus can do