[HRE] Swabia landmark causes fatal error/crash

Hi all,

In my personal experience, and in accordance with others on the Age of Empires Discord, the HRE IV Landmark Swabia may cause the game to crash.

'> In age III sufficient resources are gathered.
'> One or more villagers are selected
'> The landmark options are opened (Swabia OR Elzbach)
'> Select Swabia
'> EXPECTED EFFECT: receive an outlining of swabia at the cursor to place on the map
'> ACTUAL EFFECT: game freezes for about 5 seconds then pop out of existance. Returned at desktop like I never booted the game.

There is a DATACRC000 file generated at the LogFiles which I’ve included here

C:\Users\KiezelSteentjeh\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\LogFiles
DataCRC000.txt (473.3 KB)

I could not find a way to replicate this bug. It appears inconsistent to me as an individual but also to players as a group. The game only crashes for the HRE player attemping to produce Swabia, allies and enemies alike remain in the game.

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Everytime when i build Palace of Swabia as HRE my game chrashes
No matter if its on or offline.

Maybe you should play the correct game.

If you experience this, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file.

Thank you for the report @KiezelSteentjeh and @Variva!

For what it’s worth, I had the same problem in a skirmish when I clicked to build a woodmill (can’t come up with the correct name right now). When I clicked, the image of the bulding came up and then the game froze for a few seconds and then the game crashed to desktop.
I think it happened yesterday, I’ll look if I have a log of the crash. I have Windows 11 with directx12.

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Thank you. I’ve forwarded the contents of this thread here and included the DixDiag there. Hopefully they can add it on the list, just below fire lancers, clockwork siege and demo ships : )

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